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Providing energy solutions
for the next century and beyond

SINANEN HOLDINGS Group has provided customers with a comfortable energy environment since its founding in 1927 as a manufacturer and distributor of briquette fuel. Sinanen, as a professional energy company for corporate customers, makes three declarations with the aim of continuing to be trusted increasingly by society.

Thinking of the global environment
We look decades and centuries into the future. In addition to addressing immediate issues, we set everlasting theme of achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions, and will contribute to realizing a sustainable society by constantly thinking of the global environment.
Make the most of our strengths
There are proposals only can be provided by Sinanen, which look at the energy from diversified standpoints such as "Supply", "Creation", and “Reduction”. We will continue providing energy solutions that best suit customers’ business situations.
Never afraid of change
The energy industry has faced a series of difficulties that required change. We will still stay as a presence of top leader to direct the industry by constantly taking on challenges by being never afraid of continuous waves of change.

We will put these three declarations into practice in Japan and globally in order to continue growing into "a comprehensive energy service company trusted globally".

Three foundations:
"Shingi", "Shinshu", "Rakugyo",

  • 1. "Shingi" is the base of our management.
    We will develop the future of our company by responding people’s trust, fulfilling our responsibilities, maintaining discipline, and joining forces together.
  • 1. "Shinshu" is the base of our business.
    We will increase our corporate earnings by constantly moving forward, being creative, learning the needs of our customers, increasing our integrity, developing products, and giving back to society.
  • 1. "Rakugyo" is characteristic of our employees.
    The foundation of our prosperity is to take pleasure in working for the company and create a wide network of friends, both inside and outside the company.