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Petroleum/Gas Business

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Petroleum/Gas Business

We sell petroleum products to corporate customers such as factories, offices, stores, and service stations throughout Japan by leveraging our ability to propose solutions unique to petroleum professionals and our nationwide energy bases, while ensuring a balance between supply and cost.

Petroleum/Gas Business

  • Gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and fuel oil sales
  • LP gas sales
  • Delivery services
  • Call center
  • Sales support for service stations
  • Deployment of service stations
  • Proposal of BCP related to petroleum
Network ensuring a stable supply of energy
We ensure a stable supply of energy by closely integrating logistics networks and distribution systems.To reduce distribution costs and improve convenience, we have developed a nationwide network of TOYU center where our distribution dealers can refill kerosene into the tanker truck with a single account card. Our annual kerosene sales volume exceeds 1.3 million kiloliters, boasting top-class volume among fuel trading companies in Japan.
Providing products and services to service stations
We provide products and services to service stations across Japan. We have created a support system to enable the Group’s service stations to work on new products and services with peace of mind by proposing solutions that leverage the Group’s strengths and providing training programs. Sinanen Sekiyu Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sinanen, operates car care shops providing car inspection, repair, used car sales, and other services related to service stations.

Delivery of energy products to customers