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Electricity Business

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Electricity Business

We supply power in an environmentally-friendly and stable way. We will continue to engage in electricity business unique to Sinanen that offers added value beyond price while contributing to reducing customer costs.

Electricity Business

  • Electricity wholesale
  • Electricity retail
  • Electricity supply and demand management
  • Electricity customer management
Proposal for cost reduction with no initial costs and simple procedures
We propose solutions to reduce electricity bills by simply switching electricity providers. Our proposals have contributed to reducing costs at factories, offices, stores, and other companies along with public offices and local governments. Sinanen’s strength lies in providing power in an environmentally friendly and stable way in addition to reducing costs.
The Teneimura Solar Park<
The Teneimura Solar Park
The Izunokuni Solar park
The Izunokuni Solar park

Track Record of Supply to Local Governments, Government Agencies and a Wide Range of Customers

A proven record of providing power to offices, factories, stores and other corporate customers as well as many public institutions is a statement to our company’s steady contribution to public service.

Sinanen’s proprietary online services Sinanen-Denki* Customer Portal Website
We operate the Sinanen-Denki Customer Portal Website as a service for Sinanen-Denki users. The website enables users to download bills in PDF format and view their monthly electricity usage, half-hour electricity data, and other information. We are striving to provide more convenient and enhanced services to our customers.
*Sinanen-Denki=Power supplied by Sinanen